Lightboxes from Crystal Panel
Lightboxes from Crystal Panel

Ready-made lightboxes from Crystal Panel are professional, illuminated LED frames. If you use our product for banners, posters or advertising graphics, no one will pass by indifferently! They will always be visible in good light.

Our offer includes:
– Easy-to-use lightbox OWZ, which allows you to quickly change graphics
– Aesthetic CPA 18 lightbox for stretching a silicone-lined canvas.

All lightboxes can be mounted vertically or horizontally, depending on the client’s preferences.
What makes lightboxes stand out?

  • innovative LED backlight technology
  • the light is evenly dispersed over the entire surface of the advertisement or image
  • wide range of color frames
  • light and energy-saving
  • convenient to use
  • wide application: advertising, billboard, visual communication system, interior decoration, shoplifting



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