Advertising backlight

Use the LED edge lighting and get the depth of the image

podświetlenie krawędziowe LED

In order for the brand to be noticeable and stand out from the competition, it is necessary to use an integrated and interesting visual identification.
POS stands are supposed to attract the customer’s attention because they are often an impulse to buy a product. POS projects with the use of backlight are the perfect solution if the product is to stand out.

Why is Crystal Panel Led the best solution for POS ?

  • 4.7 mm thickness does not burden the structure and fits perfectly in POS furniture
  • perfectly even illumination will make the graphics stand out from the rest
  • assembling the Led panel in the furniture is not complicated
  • we treat all projects individually. The decision regarding the choice of lighting is preceded by detailed consultations with the sales representative.
  • we can choose from 8 colors of light, light power and color temperature

Go to the website and see about the possibilities of our product.

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