Light Guide Plate

Crystal Panel LEDs have the ability to change the color of white light

Backlight LED

A new development on the market that changes the approach to standard backlighting is Crystal Panel LED Multi White Panels. Illuminated by LED strips specially prepared to our order, the plexiglass has been combined with an integrated control system, which allows the white light to be adjusted in the range of 3000K–7000K at any time.

This solution will be ideal for projects where changing the color temperature significantly affects the final effect, e.g., an illuminated stone looks completely different when using warm and cold colors.

It is also a good solution to use the Multi White Light Guide Plate in interior design and as backlighting for points of sale and stands.

In our offer:

  • Aluminum profile for textile frames (CPA18), thickness 33 mm
  • OWZ aluminum profile (CPA 13) with a thickness of 23 mm
  • Aluminum profile OWZ (CPA41), 19 mm thick

Why is it worth choosing our Led holders?

  • dimension tailored to your needs
  • easy replacement of graphics without disassembly
  • wide possibilities of coloring the profile (base color: silver anode)
  • low thickness

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