Crystal Panel Led

Crystal Panel Led is a backlight designed for projects requiring uniform light on the entire surface. It consists of an engraved 4mm thick PMMA plate, which is edge-lit by the highest quality LED strip, prepared specially for our order. In order for the entire surface to shine evenly, we select the engraving program individually for each project.

Maximum size: 1500x3000mm.

Application possibilities:
  • POS Shop
  • Furniture
  • HoReCa
  • Interior design advertisement


Double-sided Crystal Panel Double ensures even surface illumination on both sides. Crystal Panel Double consists of two PMMA plates connected with each other by an aluminum profile (Anode) with edge-mounted LEDs and an engraving individually adapted to the size.

Maximum size: 1200×800 mm

Application possibilities:

  • Advertising shelves
  • Road signs
  • Store windows

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