We are eco!

Caring for ecology is one of the most important aspects in the company’s development strategy. We want our products and business activities to be created in harmony with the environment.

Crystal Panel LED

Our LED panels guarantee durability. Paying special attention to the environment, we want our products to be durable, resulting in a reduction of waste. The product has a minimum working time of 50,000 hours, and is 85% recycled. The LED technology we use is environmentally friendly because it does not produce UV radiation.

Local production

Led Crystal Panel is mostly made of Polish components. The LED strips we use are manufactured in Poland on our order. Thanks to local components, our production is fully independent of deliveries from Asia, which results in a short delivery time. We support local producers and take care of the highest quality of offered products, which is guaranteed by Polish and European components.


Our company is made up of people who are Eco! We segregate waste, our vehicle fleet is equipped with a hybrid engines. We are happy to get involved in social activities. During the holiday season, we support charitable foundations by buying their post cards. In 2019, we were one of the sponsors of the 'Beauty' photo exhibition of Maksymilian Ławrynowicz.

Sustainable production

The production process of our products is carried out with particular care for safety and ecology. Waste generated during the production of Crystal Panel LED is regularly collected by the AURAEKO electrical and electronic equipment recovery organization and then recycled. Our employees strictly comply with the health and safety rules, while ensuring the highest standard of products.

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