START: two enthusiasts of innovation and light found a company.
The CRYSTAL PANEL technology is being developed and goes into the phase of increased testing. This is the first product of this type in Poland.
We receive the title of the finalist of the Good Design 2012 competition organized by the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw and we win the following awards: Gold Medal at the Poznań International Fair and Gold Medal at the ExpoXXI fair in Warsaw.
The business model is adapted to B2B, especially in the industries of retail / furniture and advertising. Our contractors assemble the Crystal Panel around the world.
Expansion of the production hall, increase of production potential.
We launch a European Partner Network. Our products go to intermediaries from Germany and Sweden.
Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we have expanded our machine park with the most modern laser in Europe, which enabled us to introduce new services.



The engraving algorithm is set individually for each project.
The engraver is made with a professional laser.
Components are carefully combined by our specialists.


We brighten up the world.

Our components increase the attractiveness of our clients' products and advertisements, and they themselves have a stable and problem-free partner in us.



Office Management

Paweł Wyszomirski
Co-founder of the company.
Expert in technological processes. Supervises the work of the Production Department and sets out the methods, creation standards and defines the quality norms that our products must meet.
Luk de Bruijn
Co-founder of the company
Expert in technological solutions in the field of "led lights". He sets the strategic directions of the Company's development so that we outrun market trends.

Office Management

Elżbieta Pływaczyk
Specialist for Finance
She ensures the fluency of the the last stage of the order.

Sales Department

Sales Representative Norway

Przemysław Szczepaniak
Manager of the Sales Department. Our envoy in direct contact with clients. Creates a customer service standard and is responsible for your satisfaction with the transaction.
Aleksandra Ceglarek
Customer Advisor
She provides direct contact with us, information and oversees the order on behalf of the client.


Ewa Gleba
Export Manager
She is responsible for servicing customers from outside Poland. She provides information in German and English.
Joanna Żak
Export Manager She cares about the high level of foreign customer service. She provides information in French and English
Baard Bernhardsen
Sales agent for the norwegian market. Provide service and communication between the company and clients.Will provide information in norwegian and english.


Marta Milczarek
Marketing Manager
He cares for a coherent visual / marketing message, so that contact with us is attractive also in this aspect.
Maria Michalak-Hordecka
Business Development
Supervises new business projects.

Production Department

Adam Butkiewicz
Production Manager
He is responsible for the preparation of production plans and coordinates their implementation. He takes care of timely deliveries.
Wojciech Rybacki
Production specialist
Carries out tasks in accordance with the production plan. It checks the quality of the products before delivery.
Przemysław Socha
Supports production activities through the efficient implementation of commissioned activities.


Dobry wzór
Finalist of the Good Design 2012 competition organized by the Institute of Industrial Design
złoty medal
Gold Medal at the 2013 International Poznań Fair
Gold Medal at the 2013 ExpoXXI in Warsaw



Printing and Marketing Festival.


Printing and Marketing Festival.

We are at Expo XXI in Warsaw during the Printing and Marketing Festival.

During the trade, we had the opportunity to vote in the POS STARS competition for the best advertising display. As backlight manufacturers, we pay special attention to the display of products at POS points. The trade was an opportunity to meet Magdalena Wilczak – editor of the OOH magazine advertising magazine. Thank you for the invitation!


New online catalog


New online catalog

Dear customers,

today we launched an online catalog on www.crystal-panel.com. The new catalog allows you to familiarize yourself with our product offer in a simple and intuitive way.
We would like to thank the POZitive agency for professional IT service.
All products available at www.crystal-panel.com!


Led Strip from Crystal Panel


Led Strip from Crystal Panel

The quality of the light source used in the design is a key element affecting the durability and visual effect of the backlight.

In our offer you will find LED strips from Polish suppliers, which are produced specially for our order. Local production allows us to influence most of the technical parameters, such as the color rendering index, lighting power or light efficiency, thus adjusting the product to the expectations of our customers while maintaining a fast delivery time.

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