Led frames

Illuminated LED frames from our offer are a guarantee of good quality and precise workmanship. With our clients in mind, we prepare two types of aluminum frames that will work well in displaying banners or advertising graphics. Our sales team appropriately selects the type of frame to the customer’s needs and technical possibilities.

OWZ frames

Frames made of aluminum OWZ profiles are the simplest form of replacing illuminated graphics. The use of OWZ snap frames allows for convenient and instant exchange of exposed advertising content. We offer two types of frames:

  • CPA 41 – 19mm
  • CPA 13 – 23mm

The frames are distinguished by a small thickness.
The frames are anodized as standard, but they can be powder coated in the selected color.

Frames for stretching the canvas

  • CPA 18

The CPA18 canvas stretching frame is an excellent alternative to wide, often used advertising solutions that require a distance between the light source and the graphics. The thickness of the CPA18 frame offered by us is only 33mm. The exchange of graphics is quick and the frame is easy to assemble. The frames are anodized as standard, but they can be powder coated in the selected color.
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What distinguishes our LED frames?

• innovative LED backlight technology
•light construction • convenient to use and install
• many application possibilities (advertising, billboard, visual communication system, interior decoration, shoplifting)
• production to size

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