Furniture backlight

Modern design - furniture lighting and retail backlight frames from Crystal Panel

oświetlenie LED do mebli

Looking for furniture backlighting for the retail industry?

CPL Thickness Balance is a very thin LED backlit product. By using a special type of Plexiglas with a maximum thickness tolerance of 5%, we have created a panel that will adapt to small spaces such as POS structures, stands, retail backlight frames, and other places where predictability of dimensions is crucial to the design.

The backlighting system consists of engraved Perspex CC Plexiglas, which guarantees a thickness tolerance of max. 0.2 mm (for 4 mm thick Plexiglas) while ensuring even light dispersion over the entire surface. The use of reflective materials further prevents light from “”escaping”” to the sides to maximize the light coming from the LED strips and the benefits of using the backlit panel.

We are the only backlight manufacturer in Poland that uses Perspex CC Plexiglas to provide backlighting for your business.

Why is it worth choosing our retail backlight ?

  • Our retail backlight frames are only 4.7mm thick,
  • After consultation with the client, we individually select the backlight for the place where it is to be located,
  • We allow you to choose from 8 colors of light, light power and color temperature,
  • Our product is very easy to assemble, assembly or later disassembly is not time-consuming,
  • The lead time is only 7 business days.

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Go to the website, order a sample and see that your product enriched with Crystal Panel is a lot of new possibilities!

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